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Criminal intelligence analysis model

(quoted from the book presented in News & events page)

This site was designed and developed from the desire and the necessity to have a global means of communication and sharing of concepts related to the criminal intelligence analysis field, without being limited to it.

Criminal intelligence analysis, hereafter called intelligence analysis, represents the qualitative and quantitative study of crime and law enforcement information, including socio-demographic, temporal and spatial factors, in order to identify and arrest suspects or criminals, prevent and reduce criminality, to establish and evaluate the specific organizational procedures of these institutions.

The main purpose of the intelligence analysis is to assist the law enforcement agencies  accomplish their goal, because without them it would not exist as defined above.

Intelligence analysis is the „ core” of intelligence led policing concept, a theory that involves directing and adjusting the efforts of law enforcement institutions based on added-value information, an activity that gets a new dimension in the present context.

This size is given of how information is processed and disseminated in order to become knowledge, which supports both documenting and resolving on going cases (reactive component) and revealing the real dimensions of criminal phenomenon with the purpose of taking preemptive measures (proactive component).

The concept of intelligence analysis is old and new at the same time:

Old, through out it was practiced when the law enforcement officers, whether intelligence analysts or not, have tried to determine how the crimes occurred, details of these cases, which are the criminal links within investigated cases and the links to other similar cases.

New, because intelligence analysis activity acquired a high level of automation through the emergence of dedicated software and due to increasing of computing power and data processing, with immediate impact on professional efficiency and results.

In the criminal intelligence analysis model, analysis is ranked according to the level of aggregation of data and information with which operate, respecting the meaning (low to high) indicated by arrow in the enclosed figure.

We must admit that it is a challenge how information becomes intelligence, having several options for the intelligence process, due to the national and institutional specific framework.

These options, besides criminal intelligence analysis model and one of graphic representations of intelligence process, joined exposed, are presented in the book FROM INFORMATION TO INTELLIGENCE, in which we refer to the News & events page, the webpage in that will also highlight the new-entry elements in this professional field.

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Intelligence process
(quoted from the book presented in News & events page)